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Why The Great Wall of China Was Built?


China is famous for different reasons, whether it is food, martial arts, sports, 1.4 billion people’s population, the Wall of China, or the things made here. Today, every person uses some made-in-China product. China is also famous for being the world’s largest economy after America and there are many other reasons. A few decades ago, China was famous for a single thing “The Great Wall of China” one of the 7 wonders of the world.

This wall of China has many mysteries, Why, how, when, and who made it? How many millions of people lost their lives while making this wall? Some people say that the bodies of these people were also buried in this wall. In addition to this, there are many heart-touching stories related to this wall. In the next paragraphs, we will learn about all those real and interesting stories that many people wrote about this wall occasionally. So stay tuned with this blog.

How long is the Wall of China?

This wall is 21,196 km long and has snowy mountains on one side and barren deserts on the other.

Who built the Wall of China?

This wall was built in the 15th century by the Ming Dynasty in Beijing, China. It was protecting China from upcoming foreign attacks. The Mongolian Genghis Khan of China was one of the largest looters in Asia. He used to go to places, kill people, loot everything, and bring all to his country Mongol. He is the same Genghis Khan who claimed to have taken over half of the world. He was one of the most cruel kings in history. And it is said that this wall of China was built because of these Mongols.

Why the Wall of China was built?

Now when you see the wall of China and understand it, you will find that at that time, 25,000 watchtowers were built on the wall, in which Chinese soldiers were sitting and keeping watch over the movements of the enemy. There are many big holes in this wall, in which the warriors have kept fighting vehicles.

According to another theory, this wall was not built by the Ming Dynasty but was built by the Hong Dynasty 2200 years ago. Archaeologists have found a wall buried in the sand of China which is now standing in a state of decay. Where they found some parts of an iron arrow and some coins from the Hong Dynasty. From where their suspicion was further increased.

Then they realized that this wall was built on the same silk route from China. From where the Chinese people used to travel and trade in different countries. It is said that the Silk Route was a route that connected India, Iran, Afghanistan, Europe, and the Middle East. And some parts of it still exist.

Some people also say that this wall was built by the slaves and prisoners in the Jail as a punishment. Those who were sick or weak from them were killed and buried in the same wall.

How many people built this wall?

This wall was built in such a long time, which was built by 8 lakh people. Of which 3 lakh were soldiers.

Mysteries of the Great Wall of China

Some people in the past said that this wall can be seen from the moon. But later with the technological development, it was found that all this is just a rumor.


Due to the climate change of this wall, some parts have been destroyed. And now China is doing regular renovations to protect this famous wall. So that tourism can be maintained.

So, friends, this was something interesting related to the Wall of China.

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