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Mystery of Santiago Flight 513


You must have heard stories about the disappearance of airplanes. The story of Santiago Flight 513 is a heart-wrenching story same like the famously known Malaysia Flight 370, which disappeared in 2014 and has not been found since. After being disappeared for 35 years, when Santiago Flight 513 landed at the Brazilian airport, people couldn’t believe their eyes that where did this flight go after all these years. when the airport crew opened the door, they saw that the plane was full of dead people’s skeleton. From here, it is clear that the pilot who landed the plane was also a skeleton.

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Understanding the Universe

Time to time Einstein, Stephen Hawking and many other famous scientists have put forward complicated theories such as the parallel world, wormholes and black holes to people. Many people did not believe it, which later proved to be true. Many people have told themselves that they came from another world or time period and people made fun of them. But with these things, one thing is certain that a common man’s thought is far from this earth and universe. So this earth and universe are things that are very difficult to understand. The story of Santiago Flight 513 is also one that many people cannot digest.


How Santiago Flight 513 disappeared?

On September 4, 1984, when this plane took 88 passengers & 4 crew members on a trip to Brazil from Germany’s airport , it landed in Portugal once for refueling to complete the 18-hour journey and flew back to reach its destination. Unfortunately, when it was flying from the Atlantic Ocean, its connection with ATC, Air Traffic Control, broke. It is said that ATC provides direction and alert to all the planes flying in the air. So it is very important for them to stay connected with each other.

Now, because in 1984, the advanced technology was not developed, the ATC headquarters did not assume any turbulence and ignored it in the beginning. But after a few hours, the connection did not reconnect, then they issued an alert. Many search operations were carried out, but no trace of the plane was found. And lately, this plane was tried to be found for 2 years, when no evidence was found. The authorities declared this plane missing, just like Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

How Airplane landed with 92 Skeletons?

When 35 years later, on 12 October 1989, the same missing Santiago Flight 513 plane entered the radar of the Air Traffic Control and landed at the Portalegre Airport in Brazil without any kind of conversation with the local air traffic control. After a safe landing, when the ground crew opened the plane’s door, it was found that only the dead people’s skeletons were sitting in the plane with seatbelts. You may be surprised to hear that there was also a dead man’s skeleton on the pilot’s seat.

Santiago Flight 513

After this, the atmosphere at the Brazilian airport started to become scary. When the airport authorities checked, no Santiago Flight company plane was due for landing that day. And lately, when it is found that this airline has been shut down for 33 years, then authorities found out that this plane had been declared missing 35 years earlier. To find out all this, the atmosphere became more scary and the airport had to shut down for a few hours.

It is said that the government also kept this news secret to the public. And all the evidence related to this was also taken under the control of the government officials. Because the government of any country does not want to spread fear among its locals. That’s why such uncertain strange things are kept away from people. Like America has totally restricted Area 51 in its Nevada state from people. It is said that everything that does not belong to this country is stored there.

Santiago Flight 513 Article on Wikipedia

You may be surprised to know that there is only one article on the internet about Flight 513, in which this incident is written. It is a bi-weekly newspaper, one of the famous American newspapers, Weekly World News, in which reporter Erwin Fisher wrote about the incident of Flight 513 on November 14, 1989. This is the only source in which this incident is written. Nothing else is found on Wikipedia or any other reliable sources.

Final thoughts

Some people later linked this story to time travel and some to ghost stories. But in my personal point of view, it is not possible in any way that any plane can fly continuously for 35 years. And linking this story to a time travel is a little unrealistic. Because if this plane had time traveled, then the people sitting in the plane would not have been in the form of bones.

If this story is true, then it is also possible that Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 would have already landed in a parallel world. Similarly, as Netflix tried to present in the Manifest series in 2018. It is possible that all these would be mythological stories like UFOs. Nothing more than that. The reason is that people find these stories very interesting. That’s why entertainment media like Hollywood keeps presenting these stories to the common people. And you can also imagine how much gross these movies are.

What do you think about the story of Flight 513? Do share your thoughts in the comment box. See you with some more informative content. Till then keep learning as well as improving.

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