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Bermuda Triangle Explained | The Unsolved Mystery


There are many places on this earth that have so many mysterious things. Today we are going to talk about the mystery of the ocean called Bermuda Triangle. If we talk about the huge ocean then the total 71% of the earth’s surface is covered by ocean. People only able to explore ocean just 5%. No one can even imagine how many mysteries are hidden in the ocean. Bermuda Triangle – Where people think thousands of times before going to this place. Why? We will know in this blog.

What is Bermuda Triangle?

Bermuda Triangle is a zone of the Atlantic Ocean where many people went and never returned. Until today, many ships and airplanes have been lost in the Bermuda Triangle. Let’s go through about this interesting and horrifically mysterious place. Because many surprising incidents happen in the Bermuda Triangle. That’s why it is also called the Devil’s Triangle, Hoodoo Sea, and the Limbo of the Lost.

Bermuda Triangle

Where Bermuda Triangle is located?

It is located in the west region of the North Atlantic Ocean. It forms a triangle with Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda. Its approximate area is 500,000 square miles.

When people came to know about this?

In 1950, for the first time, people of America started talking about this mysterious place. People started talking about this Bermuda Triangle when a local magazine called Argosy published an article about it. In which it was said that there is an area next to Florida that is made up of three points and where the strange incidents are happening. The name of the article was The Deadly Bermuda Triangle.

Reason for disappearance of Airplanes & Ships

The biggest problem with the Bermuda Triangle is that neither the radio works here. Neither is there a compass works which provides direction, nor any other electronic device. Along with it, airplanes also disappear from the sky, and the ships from the sea. Even after the disappearance, no sign of the ship is found. That’s why different people started keeping their views about this place.

Some said that there could be a sea monster here and some said there could be aliens here and some started linking it with the Illuminati conspiracy. But nothing was ever confirmed in these. That’s why Hollywood has made many movies about this Bermuda Triangle like Secret of the Bermuda Triangle, Lost In Bermuda Triangle, Beyond The Bermuda Triangle, The Triangle, and many more.

List of Bermuda triangle Incidents

Below mentioned are the incidents happened in Bermuda triangle.

The Story of Mary Celeste Ship

One of the many incidents of the Bermuda Triangle is the story of Mary Celeste Ship. Which was going from New York to Italy on 7th November 1882 with many passengers. Which later disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle and after that, many people tried to find it. But unfortunately, it was not found anywhere. Then mysteriously, a month later, on 4th December 1882, this ship was found safe floating in the Bermuda Triangle. But without any crew member, captain and passenger. There was no one in it. This news spread in the newspapers of that time. And till today, it is not known where the people sitting in it have gone.

Christopher Columbus

You may be surprised to know that Christopher Columbus, an Italian explorer who found America, has written in a book that it is mentioned that when he was travelling during his research operation, his compass stopped working when he was passing the Bermuda Triangle. He lost his way. Columbus’s specialty was that whenever he was travelling, he kept writing his travel story with him. In 1492, he wrote that the compass was not working and that a bright light was shining in the sea.

Bimini Bahamas

Recently, On 28th December 2020, a boat with 20 people, when it was going from Bimini Bahamas to Lake Forth, Florida, it also disappeared somewhere along the way. It was tried to be found in 17,000 square miles from the US Coast Guard, but unfortunately, no trace was found.

The Cargo Ship SSL Faro

The cargo ship SSL Faro disappeared in 1st October 2015. You may remember that it was going from Florida to Puerto Rico, which was found 15,000 feet below in the Atlantic Ocean a month later. There are many more such stories related to this mysterious place of the sea that is surprising.

The Unsolved Mystery

Many scientists say that these incidents are not due to paranormal activities or sea monsters, but happens due to severe weather conditions, shallow water, water spouts and human blunders.

Recently, satellite images from the team of scientists of the University of Colorado have been shown that there are hexagonal clouds exists here, which act like air bombs, with which the speed of the air is 170 miles per hour, which causes hurricanes and 50 feet high sea waves are generated. So, it is almost impossible for a ship or aircraft to survive in such situations.

So friends, many people say that the Bermuda Triangle was exaggerated by America for attract people towards them and was shown as just a stunt. Because every year many casualties happen in the sea and in Japan, similar kind of shaped area is there which is known as The Dragon’s Triangle by the Japanese.

Final Thoughts

Now one of the reasons is that all of us are used to hearing such stories which are interesting. That’s why I personally believe that big firms are selling these stories to everyone. That’s why see how many movies and books have been made on these topics. Now it is true or false that is as difficult to find out like other mysterious places e.g. Pyramids, Area 51 and Flight 370.

What you think about the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. You can tell us in the comment section below. See you with some next informative blogs. Keep learning as well improving.

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