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How Eating Sugar Killing Us? | Sugar Exposed


When you see only and only sugar products in the advertisement, then it is often impossible to make people understand or understand themselves that this advertisement on television is promoting by their favorite actors and players is good for eating and drinking or not. Most of them have never eaten or used this promoted product by themselves. They are fooling you and me because of lack of awareness.

Now the so-called corporates of the modern world added chocolate, candies, cool drinks, biscuits, and many more things to our culture, which includes very less raw sugar but too much chemically filtered sugar is present. Today, type 2 diabetes, depression, high blood pressure, weak eyesight, overweight, heart stroke, fatty liver, and many other diseases have become so common that they were never before. Researches and scientific tests have repeatedly proven that one of the reasons for this is sugar present in the everyday diet. Let’s know through this Panjab46 Blog that how sugary products are playing with our health.

What is Sugar?

Table sugar, which is commonly found in our kitchen, is a chemical called sucrose and formula C12H22O11, a molecule made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. This is just calories, has no nutrients, means no minerals, vitamins, or protein. That simply means our human body can easily survive without any problems without sugar. Remember, to make this from sugarcane, many different chemicals are also used in the process to increase the lifespan.


What it does to our body?

The blood circulation process in the arteries of the human body continues. The protein part in our red blood cells is called hemoglobin, which circulates oxygen in our body. Now when hemoglobin and sugar meet, a chemical reaction or binding occurs, which is called Glycation. That means how many sugar molecules are stuck with your hemoglobin.

Red blood cells

A1C Test

The A1C test is a blood test that provides information about sugar present in the body based on how many sugar molecules are stuck with your hemoglobin. if the reading of A1C is less than 5.7%, then it is considered normal and if the reading is between 5.7-6.4%. it is considered as pre-diabetic and when the reading is above 6.4%, then the person is considered as a diabetic.

How sugar stick to red blood cells?

In simple terms, it should be that the red blood cells are flexible enough to freely carry oxygen in the body, and there should be free flow. Now, the more the red blood cells are stuck with sugar, the more the red blood cells will be stiff and sticky, with which clumps will form and consequently later, as per risk, blood clots will also form.

In this process, when red blood cells become stiff, it becomes difficult to bend them. And during the free flow of blood, when these blood cells reach to arteries, smaller arteries, then tiny vessels, which we call capillaries, then they get stuck there. Due to which the body starts having tingling, numbness and pain. If this process is not controlled, then the problem becomes severe to severe. Now, many doctors and researchers believe that there is a direct or indirect reasons for these kind of diabetic diseases are sugar products.

What is Diabetes?

A normal healthy person breaks down his food into sugar and glucose and releases it into the bloodstream. And when blood sugar rises, then it signals automatically to our pancreas to release insulin. There, insulin acts like a key, from where the extra sugar in the blood goes into the cells of the body. And the body takes that as an energy.

On the other hand, a diabetic patient’s body cannot produce enough insulin, with which extra sugar remains in the bloodstream, with which the chances of heart stroke, vision loss and kidney failure are also increased. So far, no cure for diabetes like cancer has been found, which is why it is very important to use health precautions.

For a diabetic person, a sugary food is very dangerous. A healthy diet is very important.

Types of Diabetes

There are two types of diabetes, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. According to the WHO report, in 2014, worldwide 42 crore people were suffering from diabetes. In 2019, 20 lakh people died due to diabetes. According to NIH reports, by 2035, 8 crore people will die from diabetes.

How much sugar is present in Coke?

In a single can of coke 35 grams or we can say 7 teaspoons of sugar is added. Women are recommended 24 grams and men are recommended 70 grams per day. And still, the government motivates its citizens to drink these drinks.

Remember that our human body never needed it, but because sugary products have been eaten for centuries, there has never been a resistance. With so much conspiracy, small children are given chemically enhanced sugar in every edible product. As a result, their taste start to build from childhood, and as a result, the children’s eyesight and teeth start to get weak.

What happened when you quit eating sugar?

Studies have shown that by quitting it, people’s lifespan has increased, along with their body’s energy, activeness, and lightness. And those people survived from many small and big diseases. Now, the surprising thing is that sweets are added to everything around us with too much chemicals, so that people buy those things again and again.

Dopamine is generated in the brain, so that people can eat more than they want. All these are done by the top corporates, but because the majority of people don’t care about these things, that’s why they are able to control the world’s major population. The government cannot take a stand because of the fast economy, and cannot give people a shock by abandoning all these unnecessary sugary processed foods.

These added flavor drinks, cold drinks, ice creams, chocolates, are the biggest enemy of mankind, but what can we do? They are promoted so much that people can’t resist even if they don’t want to.

Final Thoughts

In my personal opinion, it is our own responsibility to take care of our health, not someone else’s. And later, when a person is suffering from a disease, he regrets it for a long time.

So, I would recommend that you change your daily diet a little bit. In the beginning, you can replace it with honey or jaggery. And start saying big no to every product made outside of your home. So, this is the time to reduce or if possible cut it from your life. It seems hard in the beginning, but later, you get used to your taste. But if you really love your health, then take baby step toward cutting this harmful thing from your life.

So, friends, how did you like this blog? Do tell us by commenting your precious comments. See you with some next informative content. Till then keep learning as well improving.

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