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How MAGGI Affects Your Health & dangerous for Kids?

Let’s unfold the truth of eating Maggi, then you decide for yourself if it’s good for your health or bad. What people are eating in their daily day to day diet? They can’t think anything without the taste of it. Whether it’s street food, frozen food or everyone’s favorite Maggi noodles.

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Who invented Maggi?

Maggi noodles were invented in 1886 by Julius Maggi of Switzerland. In 1947, they merged it with large company Nestle and started selling in every small country in the world. Let’s talk about India. It was the first time that they started selling in 1982. With the large amount of money from Nestle, they made a secret advertisement for Maggi noodles with their other products. For that, they chose the Indian mainstream actors and cricketers. So, they started selling Maggi noodles in every house and people accepted it. Maybe there are some people who don’t eat these Maggi noodles.

Dangerous Ingredients in Maggi

Now, let’s understand what’s in Maggi noodles and whether it’s good or not. Maggi noodles are made with flour(Maida) and are 80% already cooked 80% in factories. It has too much saturated fat. This fat is deadly for your heart and increases bad cholesterol. And no one knows how much temperature it has cooked. That’s why trans fat is also present in it. It’s a main reason for heart problems. So, those who care about their heart health should stay away from it.

How Maggi Masala is dangerous for health?

How Maggi masala is dangerous for health

Next, the masala found in the packet of Maggi noodles. Nestle has not disclosed about its all ingredients. Sodium or salt of 1300 mg is also present in it.

For your information, according to FDA, Food and Drug Administration, the total amount of salt you should eat in a day is half of a packet. And this salt increases your blood pressure. Maggi is made of flour(Maida), so it has no nutrients. It has only simple carbs. It has no vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and protein. Flour(Maida) is the main reason for type 2 diabetes, which is again much scary.

You may remember the ban on Maggi in 2015, India. The main reason for that ban was too much MSG(Monosodium Glutamate). To increase the taste of Maggi, different kinds of ingredients are found in it. Among them, MSG is considered to be very dangerous and addictive for human health. Every big company adds MSG to their processed food. So, that people eat it again and again, its flavor and taste will affect your brain.

For example, imagine some chips like Lays. If you eat one, you will want to eat the other. Same as someone smoking a cigarette. Because of nicotine in the cigarette, brain again and again demands for the next cigarette. How many cigarettes a chain smoker smokes, he doesn’t know.

How Maggi Affects Your Health?

One thing to note here is that since a while, youngsters have been suffering from heart attacks. The main reason for this is processed foods. But because a country has to run its economy, the government can’t ban it. Nor will they ever do it.

Studies show that because of eating processed food like Maggi, the brain of children is not growing. Hormones are imbalanced. The irritability is increasing. For pregnant women, eating any processed food is very dangerous. And so on. Now the decision is yours. To close your eyes like a pigeon or to be smart. It can’t be denied that bad habits can’t be changed in a day. But it can be tried.

Try to stay healthy. Eat natural food which has some nutritional value. So these were some facts related to Maggi Noodles.

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