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How Marijuana (Weed) Affects Our Life – Be Aware

Hello everyone, How many homes have been destroyed by being addicted to drugs like marijuana? Some people are not as concerned about these things who make these drugs, sell drugs, or those careless people who legalize drugs like the governments.

For example, the Canadian government, legalized weed 4 years ago and now has been decriminalizing 2-gram synthetic drugs like cocaine, meth, and opioids since January 2023. So now there is no need to be scared of having 2-gram drugs legally.

Different Names of Marijuana

Friends, in today’s blog, we will talk about a drug that people consider to be more entertaining than drugs and which people know by other names like Bhang, weed, Ganja, pot, blunt, Mary Jane, and the most commonly used name is marijuana.

This drug is so dangerous without medicinal purposes, actually, no one can imagine until someone knows its consequences. But with the help of many countries in the world, when marijuana was legalized in Canada, everyone was surprised except druggies who wanted to keep themselves and their family away from drugs.

Now the only question was why? Why is the government doing this? When we all know that marijuana is a gateway of drugs still why are the youngsters giving options to ruin their lives? But again everyone knows it’s all about business and politics.

What is Marijuana?

Cannabis plant

Now let’s talk about this gateway of drugs-marijuana. The plant cannabis was discovered centuries ago in Central Asia. In the beginning, the Chinese people used this plant only for medicinal purposes, and in North America, early white colonists brought marijuana to farm hemp from which rope, cloth, and paper products were made but later it was used as a drug.

Many people have even associated this drug with God to prove themselves right. But the main motive behind writing this blog post today is to raise awareness for those people who come to Canada and are under peer pressure and in some way or other they are getting addicted to cannabis. Whatever the reason, whether it’s movies, songs, environment but I can say with confidence that many people don’t even know the consequences of marijuana.

What is Cannabis Plant? What are its effects on our body, brain, and life?

Let’s first understand what this cannabis plant is and what are the effects it has on our body, brain, and life. The plant is made up of two major chemical components such as delta 9, tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, and cannabidiol, CBD. It reacts differently to different human bodies.

THC is a psychoactive compound that controls your ability to understand and to remember something, and your behavior.

On the other hand, CBD compound gives the mind a feeling of relaxation and euphoria, a feeling that makes a person happy and excited for no reason. This is why it is used for medicinal purposes but when an addict misuses it and consumes it in a wrong way, you will be shocked to hear its bad effects.

Bad Effects of Marijuana

If we talk about the bad effects, then first of all understand that in every person this drug reacts in a different way. With this drug, thinking ability, decision-making, understanding, and strength are lost. And as the dosage increases day by day, the natural instincts of a person are lost. In most cases, this drug can cause a person to become sexually very weak, seizures attack can occur, and much more.

Bad effects of marijuana

Some real stories of victims

One lady told this story in the podcast and said we came from India to Canada to get away from the spreading of drugs. We want to save our children from drugs. But now here in Canada, he got addicted to the drug marijuana. He is suffering from a seizure attack and he is 20 years old. We are both married and we don’t go to work. My husband and I live in a house with him. I don’t know how long this will continue. The government is thinking about its own revenues, not about children. You are giving children an open environment.

Let’s discuss one more story of Mr. Harpreet. He told this story in the same podcast and said I went to New Zealand in 2015. I was 17 years old. I lived there for 10 years. I never used drugs there because there was no availability. Then I came here to Canada in 2019. I started drinking Bhang. It was easy to buy. I used to drink more. But now it’s been 6 months. I quit drinking Bhang. With drinking Bhang, the mind is completely closed. A person can’t think about himself. This is a very bad thing.

We Punjabis have to go back to where we came from. We have to save our children. Otherwise, we will become addicts. Our children will become addicts.

Why the Government legalizes drugs?

Some people are surprised that why the government legalizes drugs. Or why don’t they catch people who sell drugs? One of the reasons is to limit the ability of youth to think and understand. So that the government can’t have questions about development. No government can kill anyone in this era as it is. That’s why these methods are being used. For example, think about Red Indians. They were given a shot of drugs to die. And still, the trend is on. Now, when synthetic drugs will be legalized from 31st January, then what will happen? I am scared to even think about it.

New Zealand banned Tobacco and Cigarettes

The country that wants to learn something from another country is New Zealand, which has banned tobacco and cigarettes for the lifetime of all people born after January 2009, to make sure their population as well as the environment can stay healthy.

How have drugs ruined many lives?

How marijuana ruined lives?

Many truck drivers, to get rich, just cross this drug from the border, and go to jail for the rest of their lives. Then they regret it later. Every year, Canada and U.S. border security burst the drug record of millions of dollars. And the shameful thing happens when you get to read the name of your own Punjabi community. Now, if you think that if Canada hadn’t legalized marijuana, then no one would have had the courage to do so. And be ready after January 31st, when many other drugs like cocaine will be legalized due to new policies.

This is what has been going on in Punjab for many years, where these government officials want to do something for the common people so they can’t do anything. Now, those who have brought their children from Punjab, or their families from the net of drugs, to a country like Canada, they too have been threatened about what to do now. When there are fights in some high schools or someone is killed, the reason comes about this is because of marijuana then you don’t want to believe it, think about why this is happening. Who is directly or indirectly responsible for this?

Do you think singers, who sell negativity for just a few followers and views? Or fake life promoters on social media, where people present a life that they don’t even want to live. Many times we say, what difference does it make? If someone does it, let them do it. What is the need to stop?

Lessons from a Baby

Then let’s discuss one child’s story. In this story, the father was interacting with the audience and said watch this little child, as you guys were clapping. What do you think she does when you start clapping? So Let’s clap. So what happened she started clapping.

What does that teach you? I didn’t tell her to clap. Everything that you are around, everything that you hear, ultimately triggers something inside of you. All the way from when you were a little baby. So you guys are learning things just by standing next to someone. Right, When you hear something, it triggers something you don’t even know. Hi, Let’s clap one more time. So again after listening to them, she starts doing the same.

So, when you’re in the right rooms, things are happening even when you don’t even realize they’re happening. That’s why the importance of this room is just unbelievably empowering.

In this above example, a kid who can’t even speak is doing the same thing, looking at his surroundings. Our whole life is like this, we do what we see unconsciously.


Earlier, there was alcohol, with which countless houses were destroyed and still are. One reason for which the government wants is that people should stay in the addiction, make mistakes, harm themselves, and then come to us and apologize. The same thing is happening for this next cannabis drug.

Sir, go and ask those families in Canada and see, how many of the children born here are unable to do anything because of this addiction. It’s time to get together and stop this addiction so that it doesn’t become a common and proud thing. I have cleared my stance, now it’s your turn. If any new person comes here to Canada in your circle, then do tell him about this cannabis drug, so that he can save himself. That’s why we say precaution is better than cure.

Goodbye, see you with the next informative blog.

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