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Christmas Mysteries | Who Exactly is Santa Claus? | A Mystery

Almost 2000 years ago, every year on 25th December, the Christmas festival was celebrated as Jesus’ birthday in 160 countries. And the most famous character of this day, Santa Claus, is not mentioned in the Christian religious book, Holy Bible. Isn’t it a thought provoking thing? Who is Santa Claus and what is the story of Christmas?

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Jesus Christ Birth

It is said that in the first century, Jesus was born in city Bethlehem, Palestine to Mother Mary and Joseph’s home, and was accepted as the son of God or the messiah of God. In his 33 to 36 years lifespan, he was a man who used to guide people to connect with God. And the local religious leaders of that time, who were not interested in this popularity of Jesus, and they crucified him in the capital city of Israel, Jerusalem, and buried him. 

When the first Christmas was celebrated?

Estimated 300 years after the death of Jesus, the first Christmas in Rome was celebrated in the 9th century and was considered one of the major festivals. According to Roman historians, due to no birth information provided in the Bible, in the reign of Constantine, a king of Rome, church’s Pope saint Julius I declared the birth of Jesus on December 25, in 336 BC. 

Why date 25 December for Christmas?

There are many reasons for choosing this day as per historians. One of the reasons is that Jesus’s mother Mary received the message from God that her son will be born. It was on March 25, from 9 months later, the date is set to be December 25,. And still, this day and date are associated with many controversies. 

Jesus Birth

Who made Santa Claus character?

Now let’s take you to the year 1862. A German-born cartoonist named Thomas Nast, who was made a character for the American magazine Harper Weekly for 30 years. He was a red-dressed, white-long beard, healthy, with a full bag of gifts, flying from North Pole in his deer-ride. Mythologically, he left gifts for the sleeping children at night was the Santa Claus.

Who is real Santa Claus ?

It is said that Santa Claus is no one else, but the Christian of Turkey, Bishop St. Nicholas, who was born in the 4th century. St. Nicholas, known for his generosity and kindness, secretly gifts poor and unhappy people and makes them happy. And to help them, he was famous. Every year, Christian countries celebrate December 6th as St. Nicholas Day

Who is Santa Claus?

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