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What exactly is ChatGPT? – OpenAI’s Powerful Tool

Hello everyone, today we will talk about the topic in the field of technology, ChatGPT – the product of OpenAI. Let’s know what new this technology has brought.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is Generative Pre-Training Transformer. It is made by OpenAI, a completely different type of chatbot. Chatbot is a kind of computer application that answers your questions. Just like we call customer services and talk to a person, in the same way, It talks to us in the form of text messages like a normal person. It understands almost every language of the world and answers your questions in your preferred language.

No doubt there are already many chatbots like HubSpot, Drift, Intercom, and many more. But what makes it unique is its neural network-based tool technology, which generates new content on the basis of your input. it has the ability of a human brain, so it can automatically prove itself within time.

How ChatGPT Works?

You can also see in the screenshot below how it answers questions. If you ask this chatbot to write a specific topic, story, song, letter, or anything else, then it will write it and provide it to you. For example, let’s see how it works. Let’s ask, which is the largest country in the world? And look, it typed its answer right away that Russia is the largest country in the world by land area, covering approximately 17 million square kilometers.

How to use ChatGPT?

Now let’s ask it, where is its capital located? ChatGPT’s answer, the capital of Russia is Moscow. Now the thing to note here was that it did not have to specify again which country’s capital is being asked. And with this, it can be proved that it can answer like a human brain, which is amazing.


The popularity it is gaining in the Market

Last year on November 30th, a publicly released problem-solving platform ChatGPT was released for free testing. The people were so crazy to use it, and within just 5 days, 1 million users had joined it. Whereas comparatively, YouTube, Netflix, Spotify, etc. took several months. Presently, people who use the internet for any purpose, whether it’s a tech field job or a complicated assignment at college school, everyone is using it to solve their problems.

Now there are many questions arising with the advent of this technology. Like what can it replace the Google search engine in the future? What jobs can be affected because of this? We will discuss all this down the road, so stay tuned till the end of this blog.

To keep ChatGPT sustainable, millions of dollars are being invested every day. And recently, according to some reports, Microsoft is investing $10 billion in this open AI product. It is also said that 500 billion words in different languages have been added to its programming. So that people can solve their problems by using it without the internet.

Will ChatGPT replace Google?

Due to the dynamic features of ChatGPT, users are saying that it will replace the Google search engine very soon. And it is also understood that why would for a simple query anyone go to multiple websites? As it can give precise answers to that query within a few seconds.

But in my personal opinion, ChatGPT is just a language model, so it may not be able to replace the internet giant like Google, but there will definitely be a lot of swaps from Google to ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is not 100% accurate at the moment, and there are multiple problems in the testing. No revolution can be claimed at the moment. But hopefully, in the future, many of those problems can be solved from this platform, which the human brain cannot easily solve today.


There are many limitations in ChatGPT testing. But if you have to focus on one limitation, then it is not being able to figure out real or fake content. Which can also harm a person who just relies on the given answer. So I would say that right now ChatGPT is a little confused in its answers.


when ChatGPT will improve in the coming time, then people who are working in the field of software can also lose their jobs. So you need to keep upgrading yourself. So that these applications can be considered positive.

So these were some interesting things related to OpenAI tools.

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