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Unique Facts about Sidhu Moose Wala’s Hologram

Hello, Friends I’m back together. Today you would learn some unique facts about Sidhu Moose Wala’s Hologram. Like, What is this technology? When was it invented? How much does it cost to make a hologram of an artist? In the recent past, how many holograms have been made? And in the last, what will be special about Sidhu Moose Wala’s Hologram concert? 

So let’s begin

What is a Hologram?

The Greek words “holos” which means whole and “gramma” means message or writing, which translate to “whole message,” are the roots of the English word “hologram.” It is used to record light and play it in 3-D. Similarly, you can record your voice and listen to it through different devices. Similarly, the hologram is used to play recorded light. 

A hologram gives the impression of being three-dimensional because it appears to have depth and can be viewed from various angles, unlike a traditional photograph or image, which is two-dimensional.

Sidhu Moose Wala's Hologram

Who invented this technology?

In 1947, this technology was invented holography by Dennis Gabor, a physicist, Holography is the science and technology that underlies holograms. Holography captures the interference pattern of light that is reflected off an object rather than just capturing the intensity of the light as in a typical photograph.

Famous Hollywood Artists Holograms

In the recent past, many Hollywood artists’ holograms have been made. But the most famous hologram concert was in 2012, California that was Tupac’s show. And in 2016, in Las Vegas Michael Jackson’s show. These shows were so hit and people couldn’t believe that they have seen their favorite artist.

Hologram Technology
Hologram Technology

What are the practical Uses of Hologram?

  • Holograms are frequently used in security features on products like credit cards, passports, and currency to deter counterfeiting.
  • Holograms have been used to produce breathtaking 3D visual effects in live performances and art installations.
  • Holography has uses in medical imaging and the three-dimensional (3D) visualization of organs and tissues.
  • Holograms can be used for education and training, enabling students to interact with 3D models of objects or historical figures.
  • Holographic technology is being investigated for immersive VR and AR experiences, enhancing realism and interactivity. Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR).

Cost of Hologram Show

Let’s talk about the expenses of making holograms. Worldwide, two or three companies can handle hologram projects. First is AV concepts and second is digital domain. These two companies collaborated and created Tupac’s hologram in 2012.

Tupac’s holograms cost $500,000 American dollars. So there are high possibilities that they have got Sidhu’s hologram project.

Sidhu Moose Wala’s Hologram Concert?

So, what will be special in Sidhu Mosse Wala’s Hologram Concert? All the hologram concerts have been done by Hollywood artists till now. So it is also a matter of pride that the first Indian or Punjabi artist is going to be Sidhu. So, according to Sidhu’s father, this show might be done in June 2023 and most probably it will be in Toronto.

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