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The Untold Story Of Tim Hortons | A Famous Restaurant

When people came to Canada for work, then the most helpful thing was Tim Hortons coffee that make them wake up in night shifts. Some started with French Vanilla and some with Triple Triple.

Today we will talk about the most famous coffee franchise in Canada, Tim Hortons. Through this blog, we will know who was Tim Horton?, what conspiracies are connected to this coffee, how much money is required to buy a Tim Hortons franchise in Canada, and many more related things. So make sure you stay tuned in this blog till the end.

Let’s begin with the little story of Tim Hortons.

Who was Real Tim Horton?

Who was real Tim Hortons?

Tim Horton was born in 1930. He was a talented player of Canada’s Ice Hockey team i.e. Toronto Maple Leafs. In his 25-year career, he played in NHL, and National Hockey League, and played in 4 different teams through 24 seasons. For those who don’t know, tell them that NHL League is the same as India’s IPL. The only difference is that IPL is played by all top-class cricket players, and NHL is played by the best Ice Hockey players in the world.

He made a lot of money in these 15 years because he was a good player. And in May 1964, he opened a restaurant called Tim Hortons Donuts. And in the next 10 years, he collaborated with a man named Ron Joyce and opened 40 more stores.

But unfortunately, at the age of 44, he was killed in a single-car accident when he was going from Toronto to Buffalo on QEW Highway. The main reason for this accident was that he was drunk and driving at high speed without a seat belt.

After Tim Horton’s death – Ron Joyce

After his death, Ron Joyce, who was a partner of Tim Hortons, gave $1 million to Tim Hortons’ wife and kept all the stores to himself. And even today, Ron Joyce’s family sells Tim Hortons’ franchise. From 1964 to now, this famous restaurant has undergone many changes. Today, 55 stores worldwide have opened in this chain, which sells for billions of dollars on average every year.

Tim Hortons Franchise Cost in Canada?

Conspiracies about Tim Hortons coffee

Here in Canada, people have to go through different processes to buy a franchise. But basically, for anyone who wants to own this franchise, it is very important to have an asset of $500,000 CAD. Like a house, land, or something else. And $1 million cash is also necessary to just apply.

Most recently, Tim Hortons has opened its branch in Ludhiana. So that means, this famous coffee shop has reached from mini Punjab to real Punjab.

So for those who don’t know, let me tell you that in a coffee house restaurant, you can get different types of coffee, donuts, bagels, and many other sandwiches. Canada is a cold weather and fast life country, so coffee is the most important drink here. And these stores are available in almost every other corner of Canada. If you say that you can’t imagine Canada without Tim Hortons, then it’s not possible.

How much students can earn from Tim Hortons?

In Canada, you can find students working in this restaurant. Due to busy hours, and the constant high volume of orders at these stores, students work hard continually. But unfortunately, despite doing so much hard work, the minimum wage here is paid, which is approximately $16. But the good news is that many students by working at these stores, get their PR.

Conspiracies of Tim Hortons Coffee

Some conspiracies are also linked to this famous coffee shop. Like, people who consume coffee, easily tell one thing Tim Horton’s coffee is more addictive than any other coffee. And some people also claim that Tim Hortons adds MSG, Monosodium Glutamate, in this coffee, and others say that nicotine is also added. But in both cases, these conspiracies are ignored by just telling rumors.

So these were some interesting things related to Tim Hortons.

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