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Leonardo da Vinci : A Great Multi-Skill Human Ever!


Many of us have heard about Mona Lisa’s painting. The person who made this painting was Leonardo da Vinci. If we have to to introduce the person who made this painting, then that person was an exceptional painter along with that, A perfect Engineer, Mathematician, Geologist, Scientist, Musician, Sculptor, Architect, Inventor, Anatomist and Writer.

Cost of Most Expensive books & Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci

In 1994, Bill Gates bought the 36-page scientific book Codex Lister written by Leonardo da Vinci in $31 million. It is the most expensive book ever purchased. Bill Gates recently used some pages of this book in MS Windows 95 as a screensaver. The painting was made by the same man, Jesus Christ’s painting “Saviour of the world”, was bought by Abu Dhabi’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman. The painting was bought for $450 million, and is placed on its own yacht.

When Leonardo da Vinci was born?

Leonardo da vinci

The great multi-skilled man’s name is Leonardo da Vinci or we can say Leonardo of Vinci. Leonardo of Vinci was born in 1452 in the city of Ancano, Italy. His real name was Leonardo di Sarpiro. How did this man attain such skills without any formal education? This question left as it is after his death in 1519. But he did some exceptional work in his 67-year lifespan, from which ideas were taken and many other inventions were made in the future.

Skills of Leonardo da Vinci

He was a great multi-skill human ever. The followings are the skills:-


Leonardo da Vinci made such sketches of every single part of the human body as an anatomist, which later proved to be very useful in the medical field. It is known that he cut the dead bodies and studied.


As an architect, he designed the sketches of cities and buildings. Then from inspired by these sketches later many buildings were built in Italy. His wrote letter Duke of Milan, It is cleared from this letter that he was concerned about the development & infrastructure of his country. That’s why he used to send the design of bridges, man caves, and castles to the Duke of Milan and tell him to make it.

After studying the night sky, he designed a telescope model. Lately, Galileo of Italy used this as a reference in 1609 and finally made a full-fledged telescope.


As a musician Leonardo created new music through Violin and taught people music. And in later life, he had invented unique types of musical instruments for himself.


Leonardo was the first-ever scientist who perfectly studied and drew four types of human teeth, including their roots and exact total number of teeth. How much he helped in this invention is beyond our imagination. Just think that he was just a human doing so much at that time.


Whatever he made in every different field, he did it all with great skill. Far example, he designed the first ever Parachute, the Triple Barrel Cannon for the army of our country, Giant Crossbow or tank like fighting vehicles, Diving Suit and my personal favorite, the Ornithopter, which was a type of wings with which a human could fly like a bird in the air. All this he thought of 500 years ago, wrote and made whatever was possible from it.


Talking about the writer, one of the specialties of his writing was that he wrote in reverse writing. Which a common man needs a mirror to read. He said that he could write with both hands at the same time, just like the way Virus was shown to write in 3 Idiots movie. It is said that Leonardo sometimes wrote with one hand and made a painting with the other. Some of the notes written by Leonardo are in the British library and some are in a library of Paris.


Leonardo made some paintings and from that a total of 20 paintings, many studies were done from time to time as to how and in which ways he made them. Even his paintings were tested with X-rays and MRIs with several techniques. The famous painters like Picasso do not stop praising his paintings.

Famous Paintings of Leonardo da Vinci

Following are the most famous and expensive paintings by Leonardo da Vinci:-

Mona Lisa Painting

Among his 20 paintings, the most famous is Portrait of Mona Lisa, which is showcased in the Paris Museum today. Leonardo da Vinci took a total of 4 years to make it and it is said that presently the price of this painting is in billions of dollars and the government of France owns it.

Salvator Mundi Savior of the World

The second is Salvator Mundi Savior of the World, a painting of Jesus Christ, which was bought by Abu Dhabi’s prince in 2017 for $450 million.

The Last Supper

The third one is “The Last Supper”, in which Jesus Christ was shown having dinner with his 12 followers before he was crucified. This painting is showcased in a museum in Milan, Italy.

So friends, these were some interesting facts about a great human being ever came to earth. See you soon with some more informative content. Till then keep learning as well improving.

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