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Indian Education System Trap

When a child starts going to school, all the parents have one goal in mind Education their child should get good marks, speak good English, and get first position in the class so that they can make a difference in their relatives or in society.

How does the modern Indian education system work?

Many people are sending their children to expensive schools, where education becomes a business. In a Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) and CBSE or ICSE board school, the difference in fees has become a lot. But still, there is no difference. First, the child goes to school in the morning and then most probably he goes to the evening tuition from a teacher of that school. The hard-earned money of ordinary people goes into fess of these expensive schools.

But let’s say, the child got educated after paying a lot of fees. And then when that same child grows up, passes school, college, and university, and after investing lakhs of rupees in education, when a child goes to find a job, nothing happens without a few degrees means, no experience, no skill.

Why students are still unemployed in India

According to an ASEER report, 83% of educated Indians are not employable. This means they are not capable of doing a good job. But why? Why is no one in our Indian education system following any other system than just cramming? Where is the formula of math we are using in real life that has made you crazy? If someone had applied a²+ b² + 2ab somewhere in their life, then tell me, why is the 19th-century education system made by Britishers still following?

The Britishers had made this system in their rule so that the people here could understand English. And they needed a lot of clerks who would just sit and do their work, and not use any special questions or brains. That’s where this education system started.

In the name of this education system, people are pushing their children into that race where it is difficult to survive the distance between them. How many of you have children who have studied here and have become scientists, entrepreneurs, inventors, or at least DC, IPS, or IAS?

Why is no one able to become capable?

Because of the failure of this system, one of them has been forced to apply for a Ph.D. job. But now, there is only one thing, after studying for 16-17 years, why is no one able to become capable? The answer to that is our education system, which is not letting them become capable. Even though some schools take unlimited fees, they are not able to give a child basic skills like critical thinking. As a result, a child is not able to use his brain out of the box and is not able to make basic decisions.

But yes, if any school is giving anything at this level, it is just exposure to the English language. And our people are also happy that our child speaks English very well. Because the English language does not prove in any way that a child is intelligent.

Now if we take the example of Germany, China, and Japan then their schools don’t give much importance to English and we all know how much talent comes out of these countries every year cause that is a better education system.

Traditional Education System of India

If we talk about for example Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji. He was an illiterate king who won the war at the age of 10. Yes, at the age of 10 years. Now, the question arises that a 10-year-old boy who won the war, how? How did he take his decisions?

The only reason for that is his ability of planning and critical thinking was made so strong that he could run the kingdom at such a young age. Today, can we compare a 10-year-old boy with a king? Remember that the king was not even a God. He was just a common man like you or me. In his region, people from all over the world used to work for a good salary.

Our Punjabi Hari Singh Nalwa used to speak English and French fluently. He didn’t go to any expensive school but how was this possible? The simple answer to this is that his training was not like today’s education system.

If Dronacharya also started training Pandavas like today’s education system then he would have won the Mahabharata Dronacharya trained each one of them according to their skill set. That’s why they won. And today’s gathering Dronacharya their Pandavas and teach the cramming. And hoping they will win the Mahabharata or the Mahabharata of life. Now, the law constitution written by the British has not changed so far in India. How was the education system going to change?

Causes of Unemployment in India

Now in India, how many fake priests or so-called saints are sitting and these educated and uneducated people are sitting in front of them? The question is why? We ask why these educated people don’t understand. Then now you must have understood that all this is happening because of the lack of critical thinking in our people which is missing from our education system. Due to this education system, there is a great loss that our talent is facing.

The child that could do something different in life was also thrown into the same race. English and Science are considered as 1st priority and Arts and Sports are considered as nothing. If you understand with an example, then think If India got a gold medal in the Olympics then it is a big deal. Whereas China and America’s athletes, got many gold medals and they don’t care, it is considered a common thing.

Failure of the Indian Education System

Indian Education System

Education is called the key to all success and is believed to be true. But today technology is improving with every second and every question can be found on a platform like Google. That’s why there is no need to memorize complicated formulas, theorems, or unnecessary dates in history.

But without these, neither can anyone pass a government test or an engineering exam. If these children’s brain stress is applied in a way where whatever they do, understand, or think will be useful in their future. For example, there should be personal finance-related concepts in which they will be told how money works. With this knowledge, no one can feel that they have less money in their whole life. But as we can see that in all the school education curriculum there are no finance-related subjects.

Final Thoughts

Finally, I can only say that children should be given work skills and practical training from the beginning or their critical thinking should be developed. So that the children understand their skill set and can do something big. But all this will only happen when the system and skills have improved from the beginning. Otherwise, forget it.

So these were some things related to our Indian education system which need improvement so that a better future can be developed.

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