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How Rich People Think?


Let’s talk about the secrets of rich people, or their mindset who decided their way to success by themselves and reached from bottom to top, that is, who did not have that much money, but still, they were on the list of the richest people in the world.

Friends, so many people have crossed the threshold of wealth in the 21st century, which many countries could not even do, like Sudan, Somalia, and Ghana. Bill Gates, who is much richer than these countries. This one question has been running through my mind for many years, how, what are these people doing, that people like me or you are not able to do?

It is worth thinking about what has come into the mind of a person, who has sold freely available water. Today, through this educational blog, we will unfold the secrets of these rich people. The secrets that were never taught in any school, and unfortunately, will not be taught. Now, if you also want to do something in life, if you want to come out of this 9 to 5 work life, then read this blog till the end.

I wrote this blog with the help of my 3 favorite books- You can get the link to those books below.

My 3 Favorite Books – Atomic Habits – Rich Dad Poor Dad – The Intelligent Investor

I concluded these books, all the people we are seeing today implemented it in their life, and only then they became achievers. I am pretty guaranteed, the time you will spend will be worth it every second, and in the end, your perspective about money making will also change.

Do you think we are Financially Independent?

Let’s think about something, and understand, that we were never told. Today, 90% of people either do a job or a business. Because of this, those 10% of people are getting richer day by day, and the opposite 90% of them are poor. In our mentality, only one thing has been inserted, that study, keep studying, study more, and then go and work for someone, which means a job. This may be okay but with this, it is 100% clear, that a high number of people don’t come out of this job scam, for the rest of their life.

Now, a middle-class person, who earns Rs. 50,000, will earn 1 crore someday, if calculated, it will be 17 years. Now, with this much money, he will have to manage the expenses of the house, and kids, and then, the same circle will start, they start advising the next generation that doesn’t spend too much, and don’t go around shopping too much. This same chain system, in our mind, has been fitted so badly, that even a common man, can’t come out of this.

The same story happens with a small-to-big shopkeeper, who comes under a self-employed category, but he also sells the goods of those rich people and runs his business. But wait, rewind your life a little and think about what the atmosphere has been like since your childhood. In school, teachers used to ask what you will become when you grow up, and many had the answer to be a doctor, engineer, or pilot. What did you become? You may have become something. Did you get financial freedom? Sir, we are all confused.

The Mindset of Rich People

We are all working on the mindset of time = salary, that the more hours, the more money, part-time, full-time, overtime, we all are struggling with it. Don’t be afraid, 90% of the people in the world have this mindset. It should have been the opposite mindset, time = money. Now time is such a part of life that is for both rich and poor. The only difference is the mindset.

How Rich People Think?

Now let’s think about what to do. So let’s see what these rich people think. No matter who they are. Now try to understand the logic used by some rich people with the help of the below-mentioned examples.

1. How did a 19-year-old boy become Rich?

Let’s talk about someone who noticed that people have a lot of trouble finding a hotel during festivals. He created a mobile app with the help of his friends, whose motive was that people can offer their houses as a hotel. With this, the owner of the house will also make money, and the customer will not have any problem finding a hotel. This idea was used by the 19-year-old Ritesh Aggarwal of Odisha, India in 2012, and earned Rs. 4000 crores by now. Yes, 4000 crores. The name of this app is Oyo Hotels, which was famous for Oyo Rooms in the beginning. Sir, today there are 5000 employees, in 80 different countries working under this chain.

2. How a person solved the problem of people and become rich?

Next, we will talk about a person, who noticed a problem in 2015 and solved it. With this, he earned Rs. 6000 crores by now. That person was Vikram Chopra, who created an app called Cars24, in which people can buy and sell second-hand cars in 10 minutes.

Now think what different he did, and it was not a complicated task that you or I can’t do. It’s just what we are feeding our brains. It is necessary to understand that whatever we feed our brain, it will come out. Just like a farmer grows what he sows.

Change your mindset and become wealthy

The conclusion of all this is that whenever someone solves a simple or difficult problem, that person makes money. A solution that solves people’s problems and most importantly saves their time. Think about Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Indeed, and LinkedIn, have they solved any problem? If they did, then you already know the answer. They have solved the problem that is coming to people and also saved their time.

Rich people Mindset

How to become rich in today’s world?

Someone rightly said that a person who cannot become rich today in this era will never be able to be. Because the opportunities that are available today were never there. You can learn every skill of the virtual world from a YouTube platform which was never possible before. Now the bigger the problem or the more people’s problem solutions you will provide, the more you can get the name, fame, and game. You just need to think and need to find common problems in people.

Final thoughts

The day you start thinking with this mindset, you will start getting your ideas. Naturally, God has made all our minds in this way. Remember that there doesn’t need to be a problem related to a field. In the first year of life, we all learned this system. Now it’s time to find a new way to solve something with a different mentality. If anyone’s mindset changes with my effort, I will be very happy.

I hope you liked this blog. Do share this blog with your family and friends so that we can all grow together.

See you soon with some more informative content.

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