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Canada-USA Trucking : Rules in Transportation

Canada and America are the only countries in the world and 75% of the import-export is reply on trucks. Today we will talk about Canada-USA Trucking. A profession in which the Punjabis do a good job and are praised by whole white people.

Welcome to all in Punjab 46 blogs. In this informative video, You will know some special facts related to the trucking industry. But let’s start with some amazing facts about trucking.


In 1898, the first truck and trailer combination was invented by one American. Today, trucks help to earn $35-$40 billion in Canadian Economy. Without this, the 2% Canadian workforce is also connected with this profession. You may not be surprised to know that world’s the second largest trading partner Canada and the United States, every day cross $1 1 billion worth of goods with $30,000 trucks through the border. Metal, fuel, food, household, and many other items are also included.

Types of Trucks

Now let’s talk about the different types of trucks. There are mainly 4 to 5 companies that make trucks Including Freightliner, Peterbilt, Kenworth, Mack and Volvo. But Freightliner controls 40% of the commercial truck industry and sells 2 Lakh trucks every year. The 9 to 8-wheeler trucks are made with an air braking system and need a requirement of a genuine amount of training, which is usually done after taking admission to the truck school. Its cost ranges from $4000-$9000 to get a truck license.

Rules & Regulations in Trucking

With the strict rules and regulations in these countries, always introduced new rules for commercial trucks. In Ontario, the maximum speed limit of a commercial truck is 100 kilometers per hour.

Electronic log books are installed in trucks, in which all the drivers and the company’s records are stored. The only electronic log books are there, which force drivers to drive according to the rules. Otherwise, weigh scales that are regulated by the government. When any driver makes a mistake, the driver and the company are fined and the driving record is violated. This is the fear of the weigh scale which neither allows drivers to drive with an overweight trailer nor any other mistake.

Due to increased road accidents, authorities impose and check new rules from time to time. If a PR person is also caught driving a commercial truck in an alcoholic state, then his license is suspended and the chances of him being deported also increased. 

Types of Jobs in Trucking

Now let’s talk about truck life. On the roads, the hard-working truck driver takes his trailer and goes to the corners of Canada and America, Where a common man can’t think of all his life.

Types of Jobs in trucking

There are normally three types of jobs in this profession, that is long-haul, shortfall, and city work.

  • Long Haul: Truckers do long-haul work from 4 to 6 days and head to their destinations. These days, the truck Is their only home, Which is a sleeper cab made with basic facilities, which has two single beds, a refrigerator, and other appliances installed for cooking. While going to the USA from Canada there are rest areas and private truck stops built by the US government, where the five-star hotels, washrooms, and world’s famous restaurants are common.
  • Short Haul: Truckers go one and hardly two days away from home in short-haul.
  • City Work: Finally, city workers work 8 to 10 hours in day-to-day life. City workers work hourly wages like normal jobs. 

Truckers doing short and long-haul work mostly drive on their own according to the truck’s mileage.

How much does a truck driver earn in Canada?

An average truck driver earns $75,000- $120,000 per year.

Truck Life & Weather

It is sad that the enemy of truck drivers in these countries is that bad weather.  It is a matter of salute that where many people avoid work on winter and snow days. The truck drivers face such challenging weather and complete their orders on time. Apart from this, there are many places in Canada where people feel scared like the Coquihalla highway’s hills of British Columbia’s in Canada and the interstate 90 of the USA.

Here, many times, safety chains on the tires of the trucks also need to be installed to prevent accidents.

So, these were some special and interesting things related to trucking.

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