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3 Famous Incidents of FIFA World Cup

Soccer or football is a game with a great fan following. After every four years, FIFA World Cup is played and it is the biggest event in Soccer. In this blog, you will know about some famous incidents related to FIFA World Cup like India’s qualifying in the World Cup and returning without playing. Maradona’s controversial goal with hand in the World Cup and in the last, why does Punjabi singer Babbu Maan talk about a football player in his song?

To know more, stay tuned to this blog. Let’s begin with a little brief FIFA World Cup. From 1932 to now, 21 editions of the FIFA World Cup have been done. Out of which 5 titles are for Brazil, 4 titles each for Germany and Italy, 2 titles each for Argentina, Uruguay, and France, and 1 title each England and Spain have won. This FIFA World Cup 22nd edition was recently played in the beautiful country of Qatar in which 32 teams participated in different eight groups. 

When did India qualify for FIFA World Cup?

India In FIFA World Cup

Do you think India, which has a population of more than 100 crores and has 106th rank in FIFA ranking will ever qualify for the FIFA World Cup? The answer is yes. In 1950, India qualified for the Brazil FIFA World Cup by default. Now you must be thinking, how is that?

So what happened was that due to the consequences of World War II. Many teams were withdrawn but even after being qualified, India refused to play and about that, and there are many controversies someone said that players wanted to play without shoes. But according to my research, the valid reason behind this was the Olympic games in which the team wanted to participate and at that time, FIFA World Cup was not on so much hype as it is today.

Diego Maradona’s Controversial Goal

Diego Maradonas Controversial Goal in FIFA World

Now, let’s take you to the 1986 Mexico FIFA World Cup. The most famous journey of this world cup was the goal scored in the quarter-final match between Argentina’s star player and captain Diego Maradona and that goal was the main reason for the controversy.

Let’s refresh a famous match after which Argentina never looked back. so what happened? This match was played between Argentina and England. Both teams were pretty balanced and scored both sides zero for halftime. Then captain Maradona scored one goal in the 51-minute game, but not with his feet but with his hands.

England’s team protested a lot, but due to the lack of technology and the lack of a referee’s attention, the goal was considered. In the end, Argentina won the match 2–1. Argentina won the match, and also back to back won the World Cup, next to the semifinal and final match. After this, Maradona became immortal in the history of football.

Zinedine Zidane

Zinedine Zidane in FIFA

If you remember the line of Babbu Maan’s song, according to his song, who was Zidane and what was this story? Let’s Remember the 2006 Germany World Cup finals, France versus Italy. France was a very strong team, and Zidane was their captain and brought his team to the finals. Italy’s team knew Zidane’s enthusiasm and thought that it would be very difficult to defeat France.

So something happened same like this. Zidane scored the first goal in the seventh minute of the game. Then in half time, Italy’s player Materazzi scored the goal and both side’s scores becomes 1–1.
In the next half, France was dominating the game. Materazzi started covering Zidane. He blocked the moves of Zidane and slurred him. The game went on in the 110th minute.

Then Materazzi said something to Zidane and he lost his temper. And he hit his head on his chest. It was concluded that the referee gave Zidane a red card and Zidane was out of the game. No other goal could be scored in extra time. Then in the penalty shootout, Italy won the FIFA World Cup with 5–3.

So these were some famous FIFA World Cup-related incidents. If you have found this blog informative, then please share it with your family and friends.

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